Dr. Lisa Barrows

About Lisa

Hello and congratulations on taking your first step towards wellness.  My name is Dr. Lisa Barrows.  I am a psychologist working under supervision at Englewood Therapy Associates, where I provide therapy to adults and teens, as well as psycho-educational services.  

My work with adults has always been geared towards overall emotional health, and very often with those who are hitting a reset button in their lives.  Are you struggling with family dynamics? Are you struggling with setbacks or not sure who you can trust in your workplace? Are you enduring heartbreak and wondering why you can’t move on?  We’ll explore your own attachment roots and uncover the steps that led to the place you now inhabit, and how to get to where you want to go.  

My partnership with you is going to be both reflective and action oriented.  Understanding your own history is part of the process of creating change and making space for healing.  You will grow to understand not only your own needs, but also the needs of those around you.  Some people take more time with this than others, and I will respond to your pacing.  We will begin a plan for change, which I will walk with you through completion.  I believe that emotional health is the path to being our physical, spiritual, and intellectual best, and I work towards closure and moving on.  

I also work closely with children and families in navigating school systems, as well as school readiness needs for children.  I conduct and interpret psycho-educational assessments and lead families in advocacy for special education and related services, often in conjunction with legal representation when appropriate.  I support various learning disabilities, including dyslexia, as well as psychiatrically driven learning needs.  I also conduct assessments for giftedness

By way of background, I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and psychologist working under supervision in New Jersey.  I earned a BA from Johns Hopkins University in Writing Seminars and a PsyD in Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  I have worked in Bergen County public schools for over ten years as a School Psychologist and have also worked as an emergency room psychiatric clinician at Christ Hospital, as well as in-patient children and adult crisis units at Hoboken University Medical Center.  My experience includes substance abuse needs as well. 

I look forward to creating a path to wellness, understanding, healing, and growth.  Let’s begin. 

“Can it really get better?”

Yes, it absolutely can.


All of this is possible.

When you work with me, you get to drop the mask and be yourself.  You get to be vulnerable and real, sarcastic, irreverent, weepy, exhausted, and all the feelings in between.

As we build our bond, you’ll feel safe to explore the thoughts and feelings you’ve been avoiding.  You can gain the confidence you need to be yourself wherever you go and with whomever you meet.  

That’s my goal for you:  Permission to be yourself, unapologetically.