Is Your Child Energetic, Highly Intelligent, And Easily Bored In School?

Do you have trouble keeping up with your child because they’re always active and engaged, curious about everything, and constantly asking questions? Do they have an unusually large vocabulary for their age, trouble relating to their peers, and much rather socialize with older children or adults? A giftedness evaluation may be able to help you determine your child’s specific abilities and needs. 

Maybe you have observed that your child is highly sensitive, expressing deep, intense feelings, including anxiety. And while they may be a quick learner, they often get carried away in their daydreams or find themselves in stressful situations because of their impulsiveness.

Perhaps your child’s teachers have even called you to express concerns about that same type of behavior in school. You’re certain that it’s not because of a disability or disorder, but rather that your child is gifted and needs to be put in a special gifted program to nurture their talent. 

Gifted And Talented Students Are Not Always Identified

Some 3 million students in the United States are academically gifted. Not all of them, though, will get identified.

Gifted and talented children are often mistaken for students with ADHD, exhibiting hyperactivity, distractedness, or poor behavior because they’re not engaged properly in class. Many of them also have high levels of anxiety due to perfectionism, which can easily backfire in school. Gifted children are often misunderstood and misdiagnosed, and may tend to lose interest in school.

A Gifted And Talented Test Provides Valuable Insight To Your Child’s Intellectual Strengths

Since 2003, Dr. Nadine O’Reilly and Dr. Lisa Barrows have conducted hundreds of intellectual ability assessments and have identified many gifted children who have gone on to participate in district giftedness programs. During your child’s intake interview, we will gather background information from you, review records, and provide you, your child, and your child’s teacher with forms to fill out. The data collected from these sources will allow us to get a broad, well-rounded picture of your child’s needs and how they function at home and in school. 

During the course of the actual assessment, which typically takes 2-4 hours, we will work one-on-one with your child. Depending on their age, we will utilize the latest and most relevant versions of the Wechsler Scales of Intelligence for IQ testing.

Once we have scored and interpreted the results, we will share a detailed report with you which will allow you to clearly understand your child’s areas of intellectual strengths and link them to specific activities and giftedness programs to ensure they continue to grow as a unique, gifted individual. You will also be able to present the results of this giftedness assessment to your child’s school district to open up a discussion about instructional rigor and educational enhancement.

Gifted and talented testing can quantify what you already know—your child requires special services in school, more activities, and a lot of patience and flexibility at home. To help you provide them with the best support, we’ll discuss effective ways to deal with their energy levels, anxiety, or need for personal space while continuing to nurture their growth in and out of school.

You may have more questions about gifted and talented testing…

The cost of the evaluation is too high. Doesn’t the school do it for free?

Public schools are required by law to assess for giftedness.  If you are noticing that your child is becoming bored in school or behaving in a way that is advanced for their age, or if you need assistance in “keeping up” with your child’s needs, contact your district’s Gifted and Talented Coordinator to discuss your concerns.  If you would prefer not to involve your child’s school just yet, a private evaluation can be a worthwhile investment.

What if the results say that my child isn’t gifted?

We cannot guarantee that your child will meet the threshold for giftedness, but we can assure a fair, comprehensive evaluation of their current levels of intellectual functioning. And, with the information you receive from the gifted and talented test, you will understand your child’s learning patterns and areas of intellectual strengths so that you can enrich those areas and position them for academic excellence in the future.

Will you share these results with anyone?

Absolutely not – unless you ask us to. If your child’s testing reveals that they are gifted, it is up to you whether or not to share that information with their school district’s Gifted and Talented department. If you decide to seek assistance from the school, having a privately procured giftedness evaluation report will support your requests to get your child the academic enhancement they need.

Have Your Child’s Unique Needs Met Going Forward

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